Monday, 30 May 2011

Cakes for Life meets Race for Life

For the May bake sale I went pink to mark the start of Race for Life season and to show support for my boss Cathy's efforts to raise money for Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

I pledge to donate half of the funds raised from this bake sale to her fundraising page.

For more pics of this month's cakes, visit my Flikr page. The ones with the breast cancer ribbons are rose flavoured cupcakes with rose flavoured fondant icing; the ones with the rose buds on are vanilla cupcakes with rose flavoured butter icing; the pink ones are vanilla cupcakes with vanilla butter icing. Shout outs go to Primrose Bakery and The Cocoa Box, whose recipes inspired these ones, and to Hal for his handy work with the fondant ribbons and roses. Watch this space for next month's bake sale - Hal's already been practicing for a Wimbledon themed bonanza!