Thursday, 28 October 2010

First Cakes for Life Bake Sale

With the first bake sale so close to Halloween, it seemed rude not to get into the spirit.

It's 10.45pm and the cakes are packed up ready to take to work in the morning. I hope I can get them there in one piece so I can raise lots of donations!

This month's cupcakes were based on this basic chocolate cupcake recipe topped with the a cream cheese icing, from the Hummingbird recipe book.

The pumpkin (expertly carved by Hal), will serve as this month's honesty box.

Here's hoping the first bake sale will be a success and that my colleagues will write me some reviews in the comments section (or at least pick a rating anyway!).

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Welcome to Cakes for Life

So, I have a bit of a thing about cupcakes. Trouble is, I tend not to bake them as then I end up eating too many of them…

So, Cakes for Life is born: I hereby pledge to bake some (cup)cakes about once a month and ‘sell’ them to my lovely colleagues in order to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

On this blog, I plan to post pictures of my creations, updates on the amount of money raised, reviews of my creations (if my colleagues will be so kind as to oblige) and possibly share some recipes, hints and tips – although I’m not sure if I want to give that away!

You can even donate to Cancer Research UK without indulging in my cakes!